BiOrganic LifeStyleA happy choice

The “BiOrganic LifeStyle” project promoted by FederBio aims at enhancing and spreading the knowledge of the Community agro-food industry and in particular the organic farming sector, in the following Countries: Germany, Italy e Belgium.

The project would involve information and promotion activities targeted to:

  • strengthening and supplementing the measures taken by the European Commission and by its Member States;
  • informing about the intrinsic characteristics, the organoleptic properties and the nutritional benefits of the agricultural products from organic farming of Community origin, in compliance with Article 2 of Regulation (EC) No.3/2008.

The “BiOrganic LifeStyle” programme intends to promote the certified organic products, their quality and nutritional value in the three targeted markets, spreading the new EU provisions and regulations regarding food safety and quality and also increasing public awareness on this issue.