FederBio is a leading national association, established in 1992 by the joint initiative of organizations operating in the organic and biodynamic farming sector with the aim of safeguarding and supporting its development.
FederBio is recognized as an institutional representative of the sector at both regional and national level. It is a member of IFOAM and ACCREDIA, the Italian national organization responsible for the Accreditation of Control and Certification Bodies. FederBio represents the leading organic farming organizations, which carry out the various activities in the sectors of production, transformation, distribution, certification, regulation and protection of the interests of the professionals and technicians in the industry.

The Federation is divided into professional associations, including Producer Associations, Control and Certification Bodies, Processors and Distributors, Technical and Service Providers and Cultural Associations. It is therefore a multi-professional entity, aimed at enhancing and strengthening the quality and the quantity of organic products obtained with organic and biodynamic farming techniques, in compliance with ethical and professional rules, as well as the mandatory standards set by the IFOAM guidelines. In particular, FederBio aims to ensure the fairness and transparency in the conduct of its members’ activities, who shall abide by a Code of Ethics also acting in compliance with common standards. Moreover, with a view to further development and support of the organic sector in Italy, FederBio has established a Scientific Committee, specifically in the areas of biodiversity, rural development and in the fight against climate change.